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Had a wonderful dinner with Chef Mayra, Carrie Wade Hogan, Ina Mohan and many many beautiful people tonight at the first of hopefully many Sunday Suppers at Tivoli Village.

The atmosphere, the cuisine and everything was simply amazing. Chef Mayra really is A Rock Star Chef with so many delightful and gifted chefs and students helping in the kitchen.

Everyone should attend the next one! YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THE EXPERIENCE, THE MUSIC AND THE GREATEST SUPPER. I am very thankful that all of you graced my life.

Jennifer Parker

The food was amazing and plentiful!

Angie Krieger Bergen

Looks delish!

Mariah Rea Black-Hillman

Can’t wait to see everyone at the next dinner! Don’t forget it’s for charity!

Heather Guffey-Bracamontes

Vegan gourmet goodness prepared by the one and only Chef Mayra!

Heidi Roy

If you weren’t at Chef Mayra’s Sunday Suppers event last night, you missed out on an epic vegan feast! Luckily she has more events coming up. Jump on it!

Vegas VegFest

We came to Vegas to visit family and had a very hard time finding vegan restaurants. We are so glad we found Pura Vida! We will eat here every time we come to Vegas. Chef Mayra is truly a food artist. The food presentation is gorgeous and the flavors are incredible. The restaurant is small and simple, but the food does not disappoint. A million times better than the overpriced vegan menu at the Wynn.

Yum, Yum, Yum!


I live in New York City and just spent two weeks in Las Vegas for various events and took a break from the standard and overpriced hotel restaurants on the strip. Instead, decided to search for high quality “excellent” finds both near and off the strip. I’ve been a “user” of Chowhound for many years, finally time for me to give back with this summary. The first entry below (Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro) is perhaps my favorite find of the last 10 years (and I travel quite a bit, always looking for good vegetarian/vegan restaurants).

I am spending another week in Vegas in late spring…. if you can reply to this post with similar “finds” so we can try them !!


Pura Vida Bakery & Bystro – WOW WOW WOW – – if you are a vegetarian or vegan (or neither!) and are anywhere near Las Vegas this place is a MUST. The chef is the eccentric Chef Mayra who is passionate about food and flavors and her dishes are nothing short of AMAZING. I am a vegetarian (not Vegan) but while in Vegas I brought non-vegetarians/non-vegans with me to this place and they are the ones who kept suggesting we go back to Pura Vida!! How often has a vegetarian heard that request from non-vegetarians?!? It’s an extensive menu with a ton of options. Ingredients are all fresh, and every dish is so creative and flavorful. Portion sizes are great (for table sharing) and beautifully presented.

We tended to over-order just to sample more dishes (the servers were great in helping us pack food to go). They are open till just past lunch (their website has the hours, closed Thursdays). The building and decor are basic…but Tell Chef Mayra that you found out about her restaurant from Chowhound (like I did) and she will really go all out…she loves people who are as passionate about food as she is !! You should have seen her excitement to come out of the kitchen and design a menu for us !! Take her (or the server’s) suggestions… they will steer you in the right direction. Over the course of our visits, we tried about 10 dishes and all were excellent !!! It’s a short drive from the strip and it’s really not to be missed !!!!

Thanks and Enjoy

Thank you SO much Chef Mayra! Words can’t express what you and Pura Vida have done to my life!!! Love you!!!!

Rigel Painter


Chef Mayra, you did it again. WOW breakfast sandwich this morning was a home run. So worth the schlep from Caesars. Even met new friends from my hometown at the next table, how cool is that! See you in few weeks.

Brian Woznicki

Today was my first time at your restaurant. Everyone was so friendly and Chef made some great suggestions. I loved the chili. I also had 1/2 a LOVE wrap and 1/2 a WOW wrap – delicious. The Roo tea was awesome! Thanks for a great vegan experience.

Sharon Bowling

Chef Mayra, Had breakfast at Pura Vida and I have to say “Awesome”. My wife and I enjoyed everything prepared and ate entirely too much. I love your passion for vegan creations. Next time we are in Vegas, we’ll sure to stop in again.

Bill Dinsmore